Flat Roofing in CastlefordFlat Roofing Castleford

Roofing & Building Solutions provide a professional built up flat roofing in Castleford installation service from initial suitability survey to final roof installation.
All work is carried out by our experienced and trained flat roofing technicians who will ensure all aspects of your installation are carried out correctly and to the manufacturers specification.

Unlike many other companies we also ensure safety is a number one consideration at all times.

Many of our customers will ask us what types of flat roofing materials are best for them. Please find some useful information about flat roofing materials used by our experienced flat roofers:

Torch on felt roofing

New bitumen felt roofs can unfortunately still carry a bad reputation from the older and now unused pour and roll systems of yesteryear. Large strides have been made, and continue to be made in flexibility and durability of a modern hot flame applied torch on roofing felts. Typically applied in a 3 layer system consisting of a vapour control layer, a layer 2mm reinforced felt and a 4mm layer of felt called a cap sheet which can be a plain black bitumen finish for a solar reflective paint finish, or a mineral fleck finish in a variety of colours, typically green, brown and a purple / blue.

Fibreglass GRP flat roofing
Fibreglass flat roofs have been around in the UK for well over 20 years but in small numbers. Fibreglass roofs have suffered from a bad reputation in the past due to ignorance and faulty installation. A common mistake was using standard boat resins that couldn’t expand or contract properly, or laying fibreglass onto chipboard or smooth plywood. These days’ modern resins and correct installation has helped fibreglass become a real contender for a top flight flat roof. Normally laid in a one, or sometimes a two layer jointless finish with factory made trims and coloured to literally any colour.


Our comprehensive flat roofing in Castleford service includes building work, decking work, facias and soffits and final finishes. We cover every aspect of the installation from start to finish and provide you with a 100% waterproof flat roof that will also look great.

A manufacturers warranty will give you total peace of mind and comfort that your flat roof will stand the test of time.

Call us to book a free suitability survey and a free no obligation quotation.