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Free Roof Check

Our free roofing survey will cover the following;

Roof covering – Age – expected longevity – condition comparable to similar properties – suspected leaks.

Ridge tiles – Mortar condition – ridge iron check – ridge tile condition.

Guttering and rainwater systems – Type – life expectancy – problems or blockages – damage or cracks – leaking joints or unions.

Valleys and gulleys – Fatigue splits – life span – poor repairs – mortar condition if present.

Chimney stacks – Brickwork and mortar condition – loose chimney pots – worn chimney flaunching – flashings type and condition.

Flat roofs – Flat roof condition – flat roof decking checked for soft spots – roof covering and life expectancy.

Roof windows and Skylights – Install quality – flashing check – cracked glass or fogging of units.

Dormer roofs – Covering – condition – longevity.

Roof structure – External and internal checks for – roof sag – roof spread – Purlin support and condition – internal light – condensation issues – ventilation – wall plates – tie bars and condition.