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New Tiled Roofs Ackworth

Roofing & Building Solutions specialise in new tiled roofs Ackworth and in surrounding areas.New Tiled Roof Castleford

There are many considerations that need to be taken into account when tiling a roof and Roofing & Building Solutions have the expertise to help you to make the right choices when planning your new tiled roof.

We have put together some information to consider when planning your new tiled roof:

The Roof Pitch

Roof tiles are different and each roof tile has been designed and manufactured to perform at differing roof pitches. It is very important that the correct roof tile is used for your roof to avoid water ingress and poor roof stability.

Roof Tile Materials

Modern-day roof tiles are generally manufactured in clay, concrete, slate or a modern composite.

  • Clay: Clay offers warmth and a traditional character to a building and is readily available in many permanent colours and textured finishes which over time are designed not to fade.
  • Concrete: Concrete is perhaps the most commonly used roofing material in Britain. Concrete tiles provide an economical alternative to natural materials.  
  • Slate: When it comes to slate there are many options available, natural slate, recycled slate or slate composite products which are becoming increasingly popular in new build developments.

Colour & Finish

It is very important to consider roof tile colour, texture and final finish. Generally, it is best to ask yourself what kind of effect you want from your roof; do you want it to look brand new or slightly weathered so that it blends in with the older surrounding buildings and roofs?

The above information should help you to have a better understanding of what needs to be considered at the planning stage of your new tiled roof in Ackworth or perhaps a new tiled roof in Sheffield.

Roofing & Building Solutions are very happy to help you with product selection from the outset thus avoiding any problems with roofing material suitability.

Please call us with any questions that you may have or to discuss your new tiled roofs in Castleford.

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