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Roofing & Building Solutions have the expertise to help you to make the right choices when planning your new flat roof.

We have put together some information designed to point out some considerations that should be made when planning your new flat roof:

Flat roofs in the UK do not have a great reputation and they are best known for leaking, sagging and rotting. This reputation can be mostly attributed to poor design and construction rather than poor material choice or application.

Many flat roof problems occur because the flat roof decking is actually too flat. There needs to be a sufficient fall or slope in the roof to allow rainwater to run off without puddling. Most flat roofs are built using timber joists which if not installed correctly can sag allowing water to stand and in time cause problems.

Traditional roofing “felt” is actually a bitumen compound reinforced with hessian or some other fibre. Roofing felt is available in many forms with varying cost and quality, often an unsuitable grade of felt will be used to keep costs down or through a simply lack of knowledge.

Flat roofs need to perform several functions which include; structural support, keeping water out and retaining heat.

Suitable ventilation and correct positioning of roof insulation is vital in avoiding condensation within the roof space and in the room below. The least damaging effect could be a spot of mould on the ceiling although this is a sure sign of condensation within the roof space and on the timber roof joists which untreated can become rotten and dangerous.

In recent years fibreglass otherwise known as GRP  has become an increasingly popular method of re-covering flats roofs due to longer lifetime guarantees and a neat and tidy finish.

We are happy to offer advice on all flat roofing projects from small roof replacements to large flat roofs.

Roofing & Building Solutions are sure to be able to offer you a cost-effective solution to any flat roof project.

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