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Roofing & Building Solutions specialise in new slate roofs of all types in the Yorkshire area.

There are several things to consider when selecting a new slate roof and Roofing & Building Solutions have the expertise to help you to make the right choices when planning your new slate roof.

Below you will find some information that will help you to understand what considerations should be made when planning your new slate roof:


British Slate

British slate is hard wearing and watertight. typically locally sourced British slate has seen a remarkable recovery in recnt years with many once closed slate pits being reopened to keep up with demand. The important introduction of BS EN 123261 in 2004 guarantees that newly quarried British slate is both frost proof and fire proof.

Welsh slate is grey-blue in colour and is generally recognised as the highest quality slate available.

Slate roof life and longevity does come at a price and not for the material cost alone. Correctly installing a natural slate roof is a very time consuming and a highly skilled job.

Natural slate is certainly worth the additional investment if renovating a period property, or matching a new build roof to suit the local vernacular.


Imported Slate

Importe slate is often competitively priced and available in an array of different hues. Spain is by far the largest exporter supplying nearly 75% of all slate globally. Chinese slate is perhaps the cheapest natural slate available, whilst Canadian slate is readily available and offers a good alternative to Welsh slate.

Imported slate is often the subject to bad press, however it can be a good product if researched thoroughly and samples checked to ensure products are tested to BS EN 123261. This standard tests slates for water absorption (low water absorption rate is linked to long life). Slates that have a high carbonate content (typically 20% or more) are likely to discolour more rapidly than those with a low carbonate content. If changing appearance is a concern, consult the manufacturer and request a written statement in addition to any standard guarantee (which should be a minimum of 30 years).

Good quality slates produce a clear ring when tapped, whereas lesser quality slates produce a dull thud and should not be installed.


Man-made Slate Alternatives

Man made slate is manufactured to consistent size, shape, texture and colour, and as such they create a uniform and smart finish. Consistency also allows them to be laid single bond and still provide watertight protection (unlike natural slates, which are typically laid in a double-lapping bond). The convenience of pre-drilled holes, makes installation far quicker saving time and money on installation costs.


The above information should help you to have a better understanding of what needs to be considered at the planning stage of your new roof. Roofing & Building Solutions are very happy to help you with product selection from the outset thus avoiding any problems with roofing material suitability.

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